RegTech start-up launches new risk assessment services for cryptocurrencies

A new platform provides investor risk profiling, product risk classification and social sentiment analysis of cryptocurrencies to empower better investment decisions.

“ transfers two important pillars of the investor protection framework in traditional financial market regulations into the crypto space: Investor Risk Profiling/Suitability Assessment and Product Risk Classification.”

The beta platform offers:

  • A designated profiling solution focusing on risk capacity, knowledge & experience with a focus on cryptocurrencies, educating user about behavioural biases and providing insights into investment topic preferences by a proprietary algorithm for the analysis of Twitter data.
  • A for the very specific risks of cryptocurrencies designed risk classification framework covering various data points of liquidity risk, market risk and issuer risk topics as well as sentiment analysis of the public opinion for specific coins to offer an enhanced comparison function of the various available coins.

Additional features such as portfolio risk analysis for individuals and an API providing risk and social sentiment metrics for professional cryptocurrency investors will be available soon. Further enhancement of the risk scoring model and providing of additional data points through the API will be rolled out in the future. is looking for additional strategic partners for the further development of the platform and is open for collaboration with players in the cryptocurrency space, traditional financial service providers and interested individuals